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By Jo Martin-Moss

As NORML UK continues the year with much to do, our intention is to keep cannabis law reform to the forefront of both the national and global political arena, as well as to inform the general public about the medical benefits of cannabis and the uselessness of prosecuting those who interact with certain prohibited drugs. We also intend to push our government to use evidence based policies in their cannabis legislation and regulation.

Our recent recruitment drive netted us over 40 new volunteers, many of whom are proving to be real assets to the team here at NORML UK. This is an updated version to let you all know that there are a few existing roles and some newly created roles available within all sectors of our organisation.  If you have time to spare and something to offer in terms of experience in any of the following roles, then share it with the team at NORML UK. All you need is commitment to end the so-called War on Drugs that benefits none except the corporations that are heavily invested in its failure.

There are a variety of non board roles available locally and nationally.

Join the NORML UK team!

Join the NORML UK team, working together to reform cannabis laws.

Website Programmers and developers

Newly created roles, which require programmers and developers to work alongside the web focus group and webmaster to improve all aspects of the website.  If you are interested in either of these roles,  in the first instance please contact either or for further details of what these roles will specifically involve with NORML UK.

Welsh regional CSC/NORML UK Community Outreach Link
People, who are willing to be a regional or local link between NORML UK and the Welsh CSCs. This role will also require that you alert the media team of any local cannabis related breaking news and to provide suitable candidates for local cannabis related press, tv or radio interviews. This is a grass roots role and an essential part of the success of the campaign. You will liaise with the relevant directors and promote NORML UK events at a local level, regularly liaise with the UK CSCs admins in your area to share information and events.

Social Media Sites Team Co Ordinator  – Person to co-ordinate the social media site team.

Social Networking Information Sharers and Social Media Site Account Admins
Individuals to work with the social media sites team co-ordinator. You will be given relevant posts, blogs, links etc which you will share on your own page, or pages, or in groups you are admins for across FB, Twitter, Pintrest, Google +, Instagram etc.

We also require responsible individuals to help as part of a team managing our online social media accounts.

Press Officers to work with Media director identifying and commenting on current and newsworthy cannabis stories.

Researchers/General Admin – required to undertake ongoing searches for the latest information for ongoing projects and to carry out ad hoc research for individual requests from members of the board, other teams, and to monitor specific feeds for news.

Graphic Designers – required to undertake the design of leaflets, presentations, promotional material for events, using our corporate designs and logos, with written material compiled by others, ready to be designed and formatted for printing to the specifications given. You will need access to your own equipment and software. Also to create specific posters for defined campaigns.

Bloggers/Writers – to help compile the text for leaflets, articles and educational materials from research material and information supplied, as and when you requested to do so, and to also source other ideas for blogs relevant to the campaign, which can be discussed and explored with the rest of the team.

Fundraisers & Promoters To help with raising funds for or promoting specific campaigns or events though national and international social networking sites and through local initiatives

Roles within NORML UK Women´s Alliance

A recent development, building on the success of the NORML Women´s Alliance campaign in the US, NORML Women´s  Alliance UK, founded in the late summer of 2013  is a great opportunity for women in the UK and Europe to become involved in the campaign to reform cannabis laws.

normstickfancyIn order for our alliance to become more active NORML UK Women´s Alliance requires people to take on the following roles, Alliance Co-ordinator, assistant co-ordinator, media contact/co-ordinator, merchandise and design co-ordinator and event organiser/planner.

As we further identify what needs to be done, roles may change slightly and new roles will be created.

If you are interested in any of the positions available or would like further information,  either with the NORML UK team or the Women´s Alliance please email with your contact details and some details about your experience to date, indicating which role/s you would be interested in or require further information about, or complete the contact form below.

Please note none of the positions displayed, currently, carry any financial reward, although the actual traveling costs of attending physical board meetings, or external meetings on behalf of NORML UK will be met for those who need help to do so.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. Ok… So as much as I’d love to go for one of the more glamorous positions I gotta say that I’d be much more useful to you in an admin role due to previous work I’ve had… So ‘Researchers/ General Admin’ is what I’d like to apply for… How would I go about doing that???


  2. I’d like to help in anyway I can but out of these I think I would be best suited to Social Networking Information Sharer and Social Media Site Account Admin 😀

  3. Hy guys im a fellow user of medicinal cannabis eversince I was a victim of a road traffic accident 10yrs ago christmas eve… after being prescribed every painkiller, sleeper and muscle relaxant under the nhs ‘act’ it was apparent that these man made infused drugs did not agree with my internal body and mind. I had smoked cannabis when I was young but was naive to the strains, effects and the for all the good reasons. Now being a civilian going under pain and feeling uncomfortable at times I have found that certain strains can directly affect those areas near to instant relief and still allow me do do my day to day things in a more comfortable manor. Anyways I can go on and on but thats for you guys at norml to decide. I am very passionate person on this topic as I have many experiences via myself and many a peers and family. I am a regular researcher on all sub topics within this mmiraculous plant, I have been to the cannabis cup a few times and inbetween have regular trips. Anyways id like to help represent this cause in anyway.i am also a amixed media artists. @fromageblue via instagram. Check me out please. Thanks for reading this. Mrozbag fromageblue

    • Always nice to hear people’s success stories, cannabis truly is a wonderful plant.

      I’m glad the UK is waking up to this. 🙂

  4. I would like to apply for post of Gardening Advisor. To assist with Growing your own Organic Medicinal crops, outside where it should grow. Real sunshine no chemicals.

    Being able to grow in Peace and tranquility. No fear from cops or neighbours who maliciously grass you up (it happened to me)

    I am also willing to talk to anyone who wants to hear why I am prepared to help this organisation. After forty years of pain and multiple addictions to medicines that robbed me of my personality and life…..and of course none of those drugs helped in any way. It makes it worse, drug addiction and horrible pain.
    Cannabis does work.
    Criminal? Me?
    No just disabled and a keen gardener who over the last three seasons has grown enough medicinal to stop an 11 year Morphine addiction, and use cannabis as my sole pain relief.
    Respect and love to all in pain/
    Rob the Gardener

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