Cannabis Martyr Emery Still Locked Up

Cannabis Martyr Emery Still Locked Up Despite Concluding His Sentence

By Simon Doherty

Last Thursday NORML UK ran a story about Marc Emery; political prisoner, social commentator, successful writer and publisher. He was due to be released from prison after serving a five year sentence for sending cannabis seeds to the US in order to fund political drives to legalise the plant.

Unfortunately Marc, who co-founded Cannabis Culture publication and several weed related political parties, is locked into a new custody battle, this time from a deportation centre, despite concluding his sentence and being released from his correctional facility 235 days early for excellent conduct.

So how long will the poster child for cannabis tolerance have to wait before he is deported? Well the answer is not a simple one, with speculation ranging from 10 days to several months. It is abhorrent that a man who has served a sentence is still locked in a cage but there are other questions to be asked, for instance: how long will the global community allow the DEA to remove individuals from their homes, countries and families to take them across the world to face charges for crimes involving no violence? Their cruel campaign of hate and intolerance knows no end.

The irony is lost on me that a country described by many as ´the land of the free´ has, by its own admission, incarcerated 1% (1.6 million) of the population according to a report by the Pew Centre in 2008, more than any other country in the world. This, quite frankly shocking, statistic can be seen as a manifestation of the ´war´ on drugs and the highly profitable and lucrative criminal justice system in the US.

Emery, now 56, has vowed to lead his contingent of adoring fans across his much loved home country of Canada in a 30-city ´advocacy tour´ upon his release featuring countries such as Spain, Austria, Ireland and Uruguay.

Hopefully we will see pictures like this again soon of Marc and Jody Emery

Hopefully we will see pictures like this again soon of Marc and Jody Emery

And this comes at a time when politicians, such as Obama and Cameron, are falling over themselves to admit past associations with the plant. I don´t see them being imprisoned, arrested or chastised like thousands of young people up and down the UK each year. Remember, the implications of the mass arrest of our minors for pitiful amounts of cannabis are huge. They include restrictions on employment, education and travel, not to mention the psychological and social impact of being branded a criminal at an early age for engaging in a victimless crime.

All men are equal – but some more equal than others” George Orwell 1946

I will be writing Marc a personal letter of encouragement and support, if it was not freedom fighters like him, who bring injustices to the media forefront, the global cannabis legalisation may not be what it is today. So if you fancy dropping him a line the address can be found below. Remember it´s a joint effort (sorry I could not resist a pun).

Marc Emery


Tensas Parish Detention Centre

8606 Hwy 65

Waterproof, L.A.


Free Canadian cannabis seeds seller, Marc Emery.

Marc Emery, Prince of Pot, detained in the US.

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  1. The worst mistake in Marc’s career– and maybe in the history of the cannabis movement– was the picture of Marc puffing on a H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide combustion joint which even now overshadows this report (and Simon’s pun). Adequate modern vaporisers have been around for over a decade– and you can vaporise just fine with a flexible drawtube one-hitter– yet rolling papers continue to get free advertising. Even greater disaster in Europe where the pernicious custom persists of rolling addictive nicotine tobacco in with the cannabis to infect unwitting children.

    Wake up everyone– as and if seen by children, every joint and every picture of a joint is a $igarette advertisement serving the interest of the worst hegemony in the history of the human race– 200,000,000 deaths since 1853, 6,000,000 a year as of 2011 estimate by WHO tobacco specialist Douglas Bettcher. The gateway drug is not cannabis, it is the joint– a gateway to lifelong slavery and 40% chance of early death.

    I wish Marc every success with his REVENGE– not against the Tories, though they deserve it, but against the $igarette industry worldwide. Start with a photo of Marc– or a cartoon of Bob Marley– demonstrating the use of a flexible drawtube one-hitter made from parts costing US$1.29 or less. Free instructions on how to make a one-hitter at “12 Ways to Make Pipes from Everyday Objects”.

  2. Excellent comment, maxwood. I’m with you 100% concerning the unfortunate and unhelpful linking of cannabis with tobacco. Have you noticed the link between tobacco and polonium 210? Google those two substances and see how 90% of cancer deaths from smoking are caused by radio active polonium 210. I knew a lady who said she had stopped smoking but was now toking twenty joints a day! Tobacco is probably the most addictive substance known to man, yet when I decided to stop taking cannabis, twenty years ago, I did so just like that. Now I have a great desire to try cannabis to treat my stage four kidney cancer. The drugs offered by the NHS are so perniciously toxic that I really don’t want to go near them. I KNOW cannabis is harmless; I used it for twenty five years with no ill effects. The only reason it’s not available as a mainstream medicine is that the big pharmaceutical companies can’t patent it and thereby make huge profits from it. In order to protect their obscene profiteering they suppress all clinical research and legalisation of cannabis, so don’t underestimate the enemy! Meanwhile, all power to your elbow!

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