Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections

Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections

As the Cannabis debate continues across the water in the motherland of modern prohibition, it is openly apparent that politicians who are in favour of cannabis are gaining more votes by the dozen.

At a quick glance; Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has switched from running from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party and Ron Paul in the Republican who supports the Industrial Hemp Act proposal which would allow farmers to benefit from the multitude of agricultural benefits Hemp offers for the first time since 1947 after the second World War, also thinks that it is a States right to vote on laws surrounding cannabis possession and cultivation. President Obama, recently outed as a memeber of a marijuana smokinging group in his youth known as The Choom Gang, is however already in his first term being rated and slated statistically as the harshest President against Medical Marijuana after a series of raids on even the most legitimate of businesses such as Californian tax paying, state authorized cannabis educators, Oaksterdam University who were subject to DEA raids in April. He’s come a long way from “We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws” back in 2008 on the Presidential campaign trail. Despite this Federal Crackdown Connecticut have just made it 17 states out of the 50 now allowing patients to choose cannabis if a recommendation by a doctor is obtained. With an estimated 5 million (more like double or even treble that amount) consumers in the UK why haven’t politicians from the UK taken the same approach as their overseas cousins.

This may not be everyone’s view but it certainly highlights the strong feelings amongst cannabis consumers involved with campaigning for reform in the UK.

So why won’t today’s politicians stand up and say “I support people who wish to consume cannabis for not only medical reasons but for all reasons” after all most probably tried it when at college and are probably still consuming it.

  1. Is it because they fear losing their beloved title of MP (and the money/lifestyle that comes with it)?
  2. Is it because they don’t see cannabis as a major concern in today’s society?
  3. Is it because they prefer cannabis to stay in the hands of the criminal world?
  4. Is it because they would have to apologise for feeding the public lies and misinformation over the last 60+ years?
  5. Is it because they would have to apologise for locking up sick and disabled patients who need cannabis as a medicine?
  6. Is it because they fear the Alcohol, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco and Oil companies pulling the plug on their donations?
  7. Is it because they would have to free the victims who are already incarcerated?
  8. Is it because they would have to remove the new carbon taxes when we can more freely access cleaner, greener bio-fuels?

All the above is a lot for a politician to take on or is it? Is it not their job to tell the truth and is it not their job to protect our children? Is it not their job to protect the environment, is it not their job to help sick people out, is it not their job to speak on our behalf? They are not doing any of the above so it is left up to us as cannabis consumers to bring this fight into the open. It is up to us to get the public on our side, it is up to us to shame them into submission with scientific evidence, but more than scientific evidence freely available published in British Medical Journals there is enough medicinal consumers of cannabis in the UK that are living proof cannabis works, not just scientific proof – living and walking proof that cannabis actually improves their life, eases the pains that come from all types of illness.

For every politician that refuses to answer questions regarding the consumption of cannabis in a regulated market we should call for their resignation. The inequality that cannabis consumers face today is equal to every major civil right movement that has ever been. It affects every member of society whether they understand or know that or not.

We are humans, our body is just that “OURS” not the governments, our mind is just that “OURS” not the government, our plant is just that “OURS” NOT THE GOVERNMENTS, and the government have taken our CHOICE away from us, taken without a care in the world about the personal and national social damage this prohibition of personal freedoms causes, this has to change “Our body, Our mind, Our plant, and Our choice” time to take back OURS that has been taken away.

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