Education Vs Prohibition – Prohibition is a Gateway to Drugs.

Prohibition didn’t just fail. It never worked. Saying no to kids is like giving them big red button and telling them not to press it. Given the right eduction and the credit they deserve, our young people will make the right decision to be responsible with the tools we have given them.

Under prohibition, minors often find it easier to get hold of unregulated substnaced than they do regulated tobacco and alcohol. This is because supply is left to the criminal black market. To buy alcohol or cigarettes, you must have some form of ID to prove you are above the age restriction so most kids get turned way empty handed. This is not always the case with unregulated substances that are left to the black market, the only ID a dealer may ask for is as a twenty pound note and becuse of this we have no control over what kids get their hands on.

It is time the British Government swallowed their pride and admitted they were wrong. It’s time they start putting our kids safety before their beloved capitol. It’s time for us to stand up as parents, teachers, doctors, builders; and say “enough is enough”. Discrimination of cannabis consumers must end and I for one will fight it with all my strength. Just say NO to the gateway that is prohibition.

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