PCC Candidates questioned about drugs policy

e-mail sent to all PCC candidates: Dear PCC candidate, I am writing to request your position on drug policy. I am interested to know, as a prospective Police and Crime Commissioner, what would be your priorities if you were to be voted in to the position? In a recent survey by the United Kingdom Drug […]

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How far away are we from not being punished?

By Des Humphrey TODAY I sit on my sofa at 05:45 and take a look outside. It’s 26/06/2012 but it feels more like 26/11/2012, the rain is lashing down and it’s very windy. Longest day and all that! It seems and feels like winter even though it’s the summertime. My garden flowers have taken a […]

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Howard Marks in Ammanford

By Des Humprhey Last night, 15 June 2012, I went to Ammanford to see one of my all-time heroes, Mr Howard Marks aka Mr Nice, an internationally renowned speaker, author, and expert on cannabis who has fully endorsed NORML UK and given his full support. Howard is the author of several books including ‘Mr Nice’, […]

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Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections

Cannabis Politics: How Cannabis Can Influence Elections As the Cannabis debate continues across the water in the motherland of modern prohibition, it is openly apparent that politicians who are in favour of cannabis are gaining more votes by the dozen. At a quick glance; Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has switched from running […]

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