Science v Politicians

By Tina Mendes

I’m a Medical cannabis consumer and I would like to know why we are treated like common criminals, rather than patients where is the crime and the victim!!

We are victims of an unjust law, how can my Doctor who are specialists, even professors who have given me letters saying I need cannabis and therefore I should not stop consuming cannabis it reduces the amount of morphine I need for pain

Why does the government insist on saying that cannabis has no medical purpose when is not true how can the government deny someone in chronic pain their right to medicate, I feel that this is a breach of my Human Rights.

I would like to ask something were am i supposed to get my medical cannabis legally from? Because my doctor has said I need it

So am I to turn to organised drugs crime? To get my medication!! Don’t these people realise that dealing with those people and being ripped off and not knowing what is in the cannabis off the street is very dangerous.

I’m ashamed of how my government stated before the elections that they were compassionate towards cannabis medical consumers and once in power we were shoved in a draw locked up and the key was thrown away its sad that we have to live in chronic pain everyday 24hrs a day’s 7 days a week 365 days a year sad and its barbaric.

Politicians what do they know about pain relief or cannabis as a medication how can you not listen to your Drug Advisory Council, these are the scientists surely politics should be left to the politicians and medicine and science to doctors and scientists.

I consume cannabis for a number of reason and different medical problems. I have been consuming cannabis for the past 24 years due to all the medical issues I suffer from I choose to self-medicate and therefore I consume cannabis every day, as it helps to relax my muscles and helps a great deal when it comes to chronic pain.

I believe that if I didn’t have Cannabis I would be bed ridden or completely immobile as chronic pain can cripple anyone.

After many years on pharmaceutical medication including Oral- Morphine which caused me many other medical problems, and all the other medication that are on an alert meds list I now only consume cannabis and I have the full support of my medical team from GP to Professor of Neurology to carry on doing so.

Its thanks to cannabis that I am semi-mobile and do as much or as little as it allows me to do.

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  1. That is most sane and sensible statement i have read. We must force the government to see and hear the many scientific studies from throughout Europe and the US that prove beyond all doubt that cannabis is medicine. The most tested medicine in all of time. We should take our govt. Together with our Home office to the European Court of human rights.

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