Video: When Britain introduced Cannabis Cafes

Many people cannot conceive of having Cannabis cafes or Dutch-style Coffeeshops in British towns.

The thing is, back in 2001, a few British towns already saw the advent of cannabis coffeeshops and Cannabusinesspeople, attempting to fulfil the huge demand for cannabis in Britain. This was a result of the declassification of cannabis in Britain from a Class B down to C although this did not last.

You may well oppose those who chose to consume cannabis, and say that allowing cannabis cafes in Britain would encourage criminality and higher consumption levels, as well as being a danger to the health of our children; a rather non-sensical set of argument seeing as current cannabis legislation is doing exactly these things.

Cannabis cafes in Britain could impose age restrictions on entry, and make sure that sales of cannabis products are tightly regulated. These social and birant places would not be run by criminal gangs, but by serious entrepreneurs, who understand that the demand for cannabis in the UK can be met in a professional, safe and sensible way.

Watch this video to see how a few British entrepreneurs opened Cannabis Cafes in Britain back in 2001, when the UK Government made the intelligent move to decalssify Cannabis to Class C. With the help of Dutch Coffeshop entrepreneur, Nol van Schaik, the British Cannabis Cafe was born.

Part 1

Part 2

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