We will not vote for prohibitionists.

By Chris Bovey

NORML UK are not political, we are not a political party; we are a Pressure Group.

The whole point of a Pressure Group is to lobby and put pressure on our elected representatives to change the law.

We want our laws on cannabis changed; we have already won the arguments, opinion polls suggest we have won public opinion, now we need to change the minds of those who are actually in a position to change these unfair and unjust laws, i.e., our MPs

When Members of Parliament start to get sack loads of letters in their post box about any issue, they are more likely to take note. That’s why NORML UK is urging all cannabis consumers in the UK to write to their MPs asking them to support changing the law.

It is estimated there are about 6 million cannabis consumers in the UK, if we can get a fraction of them to start writing to our elected representative then there will be a greater chance we can get them to listen.

Some of you will get bog standard responses regurgitating the same of failed arguments of prohibition from the Home Office. For others, you might be pleasantly surprised.

You don’t need to write an essay, just a short polite letter saying you support reforming Britain’s cannabis laws and asking what their position is. If you are a medicinal user then explain what your condition is and how cannabis helps you as a medicine.

Let’s get our MP postbags full up with letters calling for an end to the prohibition of cannabis. Make sure they get the message that there are a lot of cannabis consumers in the UK and we will not vote for any candidate that supports prohibition of cannabis.

If you do not know who your MP is then you can find out easily on this web site www.writetothem.com  – you can even write your letter using this site and it will fax it to them on your behalf.

Please let NORML UK know how your MP responds, so we can make sure all our supporters are aware which MPs support prohibition of cannabis and therefore not to vote for them.

Britain’s 6 million cannabis consumers, or indeed anybody who supports evidence based policy, need to send a message to our MPs and send it loud – WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR PROHIBITIONISTS!

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  1. Yes, we all need to start getting those letters out. I wrote to the Humberside Police asking for a meeting regarding my use of cannabis oil to treat my cancer and below is the reply.

    Mr Blake

    Thanks for your email which I read with interest.

    As I am the national lead for Drugs on behalf of the Association of Chief Police Officers, I am familiar with the debate outlined and the views of those engaged in it.

    Interestingly, only yesterday I was giving evidence in London at the Home Affairs Select Committee alongside those arguing for decriminalisation of all controlled drugs. The Committee are currently considering such issues.

    I do not, however, consider that it would be beneficial for us to meet to discuss the matter.

    As a police officer, I am not qualified to debate the merits of the medicinal use of cannabis or any other drug.

    The question of regulation/decriminalisation is solely a matter for Government and the Home Office have lead responsibility for the overarching Drug Strategy.

    My advice would be to focus your efforts on informing and influencing that political debate.

    Kind regards

    Tim Hollis
    Chief Constable
    Chair ACPO Drugs

  2. One of the problems with the prohibition is that the supporters are too quiet and afraid to publicly voice their opinion (me included). It is up to us to do this as well as influence the ignorant ones around us. Aside from this it is key that we reach out to those that are not cannabis users and outline that this is a cause that is greater than just those who benefit from the plant directly.

    Writing is a great method to put pressure on MPs and for them to realise that we are not a lazy, docile and neglectable demographic.

    I think it might be useful for people to post the letters that they submitted. Would serve as inspiration for others who want to get letters out but are unsure if they are getting their points across in the most effective way.

  3. Congratulations on this.
    It is a nice change to see the Norml-UK team trying to acheive something positive instead of their snide remarks and hate campaign against Clear.
    Keep this up and people may even start to believe that you are actually for reform instead of maintaining the Status Quo.

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