NORML and UKCSC Amsterdam Trip 2012

By James Tisdale

NORML UK and UKCSC recently made a coach trip to Amsterdam to enjoy the city’s famous cannabis coffeeshops.

NORML and UK Cannabis Social Clubs Amsterdam trip December 2012.

The Dampkring

After arriving in Amsterdam and leaving our luggage at the hostel, we made our way to the Dampkring. The warm reception we received from the staff and the goody bags (courtesy of Jason and Clark) were the perfect tonic for the journey. Not only did all 25 of us get a ‘Dampkring’ grinder, lighter and skins, but they were also kind enough to provide us with 2 grams each of a delicious Ceres Hilton (an Amnesia x Super Silver Haze x Jack Herer cross).

The Cannabis College, and the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Amsterdam coffeeshop cannabisAgain we were given a very warm welcome from Lab and Tan who made us feel at home. The NORMLUKCSC crew were soon taking advantage of the various vaporisers and the comfy seating area. There were many educational DVD’s, books and articles in their library and an organic garden that we were free to view. We arrived at a good time as the indica plants were in week 8 of flower so we saw them in all their glory The guys Lab and Tan also had plenty of invaluable advice about Amsterdam, coffee shops, and cannabis in general. This place is a must to drop in and have a smoke next time you are in Amsterdam.

The museum was very informative and full of rare artefacts’ that any cannabis enthusiast would truly appreciate.

Earlier in the year, the Dutch government was still planning to pursue its hated “weed pass” scheme and it was feared for some that this might have been a last opportunity for foreign tourists to enjoy the Dutch coffeeshops. NORML UK is delighted this the “weed pass” scheme is no more and municipalities will be left to decide who can enjoy their coffeeshops. Amsterdam, Haarlam and a few other Dutch cities have already announced foreigners will still be welcome in their coffeeshops in 2013.

An estimated 2 million foreign visitors visit Amsterdam’s coffeeshops ever year, experts predicted if the Dutch government’s “weedpass” plans were every introduced, it would have decimated the tourist industry and economy of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities.

NORML UK and UK Cannabis Social Clubs would like to thank Travelholics for organizing this trip; we hope to do more trips like this next year in the summer and will keep you informed.

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  1. Maybe this site would do better to concentrate on the developments in the news this week (both British and International) and comment on these rather than a trip to Holland. UK NORML has an important role to comment on the process of cannabis legalisation in the UK – this should include doing write-ups of important news items, offering press releases, even making some one available for interviews in the media (at least by phone). I hope you all enjoyed your trip to Amsterdam and I am glad to hear about it but sad you have not been able to keep up with what is going on. I accept that the social side is nice but it really is not in the spirit of NORML (USA) to neglect the news and politics in this way. I was about to join UK NORML (as christmas present to myself) but I am not sure now.
    I also think UK NORML should discourage smoking at all times in favour or more healthy methods of ingesting cannabis – a trip to coffeeshops probably did little to further this aim.

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