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The global economy is stalled. There is little argument to be made on that subject. While slow recovery is beginning to peak its head out of the detritus of the banking crisis, there is still endemic unemployment and a marked decline in prosperity across the western world.

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A Woman´s perspective on weed

Our new contributor for the Women´s Alliance, Charli, looks at just some of the pitfalls and some of the benefits of being a woman and a cannabis consumer in the UK today. A woman`s perspective on weed. By Charli Knights For a woman, it is distressing to think of yourself as vulnerable. It is a […]

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And the logo competition winner is……

And the logo competition winner is…. NORML UK Women´s Alliance Logo competition attracted a high standard and a total of 14 entries, which made the task of choosing an outright winner quite difficult indeed. Two of our favourite designs came from the same artist, Andrew Tarry, who we are delighted to announce won the majority […]

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The Cannabis Quilt UK

NORML UK Women’s Alliance would like to introduce you all to a campaign initiative which is new to the UK: The Cannabis Quilt UK, a spin- off from the Moms for Marijuana idea which has been highly popular in the US in recent years, bringing Cannabis information and education to the mainstream. The UK team […]

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