Cannabis Martyr Emery Still Locked Up

Cannabis Martyr Emery Still Locked Up Despite Concluding His Sentence By Simon Doherty Last Thursday NORML UK ran a story about Marc Emery; political prisoner, social commentator, successful writer and publisher. He was due to be released from prison after serving a five year sentence for sending cannabis seeds to the US in order to […]

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Prince of Pot released from US Custody

By Simon Doherty July 10th 2014: Political Prisoner the ‘Prince of Pot’ released from US Custody Today is an important day for cannabis activism around the globe. Marc Emery, political prisoner and highly influential cannabis activist, is due to be released from US custody, aged 56, after serving a five year sentence for sending cannabis […]

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Support, don´t punish! Day of action.

Day of Action at Parliament! Support, Don’t Punish! The call for an end to the Drug War has finally managed to reach its way into the mainstream media and mainstream politics is being forced to face the fact that change is a much needed reality. But we can never rely on the media to get […]

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Malaysia, Marijuana and Mandatory Murder

By Zaid Moosa In today’s article, I will be focusing on one of the most draconian cannabis laws in the world, that of Malaysia. I undertook an interview with one of our NORML UK volunteers who was born and grew up in Malaysia and offered me an insight into the effects the laws have on […]

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Man evicted for using weed for pain relief

By Richard Shrubb Man given a flat when a hard drug addict. Now being evicted for using  weed for pain relief. 42 year old Seth Skip-Thacker had a £100 a day heroin and crack addiction and lived on the streets when he was housed by his local housing association in 2005. The Basingstoke housing association […]

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NORML UK AGM 2014 Speakers

NORML UK AGM 2014 Weekend line up of speakers from organistions including LEAP UK, FAC in Spain, NORML UK Women´s Alliance and SSDP Ireland. Also information and trailers from upcoming documentaries Bud Buddies: Project Storm, GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution, The Culture High and The 41st Shade. Compiled by Jo Martin-Moss During the NORML UK AGM, which […]

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