What are ‘potheads’ really like?

What are UK potheads really like? Are they all the same? Jake Lenton investigates Portrayed by the media as scruffy, lazy, work-shy folk who will eventually succumb to a mental illness, there is no doubt that the cannabis consumer has been negatively stereotyped. Without even cursory reference to over a century’s worth of medical research, […]

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Patients’ Perspective

On the 17th of May, from 4-6pm The Cowley Club, 12 London Rd, Brighton, will play host to an evening of shared experiences from Medical Cannabis users. Organised by Brighton Cannabis club, the meeting is designed to share the benefits of using Cannabis as medicine

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Activism is Warfare

The great annual 4/20 celebration is over. Congratulations to all the people who stepped out around the globe and joined the chorus of voices that said “Cannabis is okay” for our leaders and oppressors alike to see. Damn fine show people!

You’ve proven once again that the rhetoric about cannabis users being lazy and apathetic, unfit to any unified purpose, is complete bunk. You did a thing en masse, and that took organization and effort.

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